Mittelstufe 2

Kursangebot Mittelstufe 2  SoSe 2019

Kurs Lehrkraft 1. Termin Raum 2. Termin Raum
Mittelstufe 2/1 Wickström-Haber Di 09-11 AB 09
Do 14-16 AB 09
Mittelstufe 2/2 Wickström-Haber Di 11-13 AB 09 Do 16-18 AB 09
Mittelstufe 2/3 L. Baldzikowski Mo 09-11  AB 208 Mi 14-16  AB 208

BOOKS needed for M2 English courses:

1. NEW Language Leader, UPPER-intermediate.
Publisher: Pearson Longman. 2nd edition, 2014).
Ordering the above book from normal bookshops can take a long time – We therefore recommend contacting the viadrina sprachen GmbH
if you cannot get a book quickly, as they may have some in stock.

2. Raymond Murphy: English Grammar In Use with Answers and CD ROM: A Self-study Reference and
Practice Book for Intermediate Students of English.

Es gelten die Teilnahmebedingungen der viadrina sprachen gmbh für das SoSe 2019.
Alle Irrtümer vorbehalten.


BOOKS needed for M1 English courses:

New Language leader Pre-Intermediate
(Longman) BEFORE the course starts.
Ordering the above book from normal bookshops.