In January 2009 over 30 language centre directors from a variety of European institutes of higer education came together in Wulkow in Brandenburg, Germany to discuss the key issues and challenges facing them, their centres and their parent institutions.

This initiative was started by Dr Thomas Vogel, Director of the Language Centre at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder.

Each meeting had a specific theme and looked at a range of topics including:


The conclusion from each meeting were compiled in a memorandum which offered guidance and direction. These separate memoranda from the meetings of 2009-13 have now been brought together here in one unified document.

The Wulkow Group Memorandum reflects the view of a wide range of institutions and countries. It shows how European Language Centres in Higher Education can achieve far more than just successful language teaching, they can also act as a driver for mobility, employability and inter-cultural communication.

In a decade where economic mobility is a given, and where students and academics have a pan-European and global dimension to their studies and careers, languages and consequently language centres have a crucial role to play in this process.

Internationaler Wulkow Workshop 2021

First Wulkow Virtual Conference

« Wolves are back again – enhancing long distance communication in pandemic times »

11th of June 2021, 9-12h15

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